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Live Streaming Class Schedule 2019-2020
Live Streaming Class Schedule  2019-2020
Live Streaming Class Agreement 2019-2020
Live Streaming Class Agreement 2019-2020


World History & Geography

American Government & Economics


  • Classes are live with a teacher 1 hour, twice a week.
  • Students can hear and see their teachers, and teachers can hear and see the students.
  • Orientation with the teacher and staff that includes the parent and student
  • Students participate in class in the same way as in a “real classroom” with questions and class participation.
  • Teachers may be accessed any time by email or phone, if necessary.
  • Students take tests and quizzes online which are reviewed by the teacher.
  • Grades are calculated by THC, and parents are emailed progress reports and “report cards.”


  • Accountability to a teacher on a twice-a-week schedule
  • Ability to ask the teachers questions and get help instantly during class time
  • Family access to well-seasoned educators who are experts in their fields of study
  • Convenience of being at home
  • An opportunity to get to know other homeschool students


Price: $100/mo. per class
Registration Fee: $75 per student
Technology Fee: $60 per student

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