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Do You Suspect a Learning Disability?

Is your child struggling? Are you wondering if they might have a learning disability? Rebekah addresses those concerns in the video below. She gives us several distinct examples of how children with disabilities struggle, and more importantly, gives us some tools to figure out what’s going on with our child. Below you will also find…

Bad Habits That Destroy Learning

Rebekah runs through a list of things that could be the difference between learning and failing. As homeschooling parents, the success of our children’s learning falls to us, and avoiding these common habits will certainly help us to help them be the best learner they can be. You’ ll find a few help pins down…

More Specifics on AP/CLEP

AP. CLEP. Have you heard these acronyms and wondered, “What in the world does that have to do with my child?” Today Rebekah answers that question. She gives details about CLEP testing and AP classes in the video below.