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Owner/ Administrator

Home schooled from third through tenth grade, Rebekah Ricks completed her schooling at Windsor Baptist School in Bethany, Oklahoma. She attended Oklahoma Baptist College and received a B.S. in Advanced Math with a minor in History and another B.S. in Educational Leadership and Instruction with a Secondary Education emphasis. Rebekah worked at a private hospital with special needs children as a music and speech therapist aide, CNA, and EMT. She taught third, fifth, and sixth grade students, middle school English and math, and high school speech at Landmark Christian School in Haines City, Florida. Rebekah Ricks helped direct multiple productions and launched Landmark’s elementary speech and drama department.

Business Manager

A music teacher for over fifteen years, Lissette Cruz holds a B.A. in vocal performance from Pensacola Christian College. Lissette teaches voice and piano with a classical approach while also integrating hymn and chorus improvisation. Her dynamic style and unique teaching approach inspires students to excel in music while bringing glory to our Creator, Jesus Christ. Over the years, Lissette’s students have competed in regional and state competitions in which her vocal, piano, and choral students have placed top three in the state. Other students continue to enjoy the fruit of their music training by serving in diverse ways in their churches and community events. She has held positions as fine arts director, band director, private vocal/piano instructor, choral director, and accompanist in local churches.



Tutoring Director

Myra Cruz was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. In 2000, she received a Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Secondary Education with a major in English from Crown College of the Bible located in Powell, Tennessee. After teaching for several years in East Chicago, she accepted a teaching position in Central Florida in 2004. With over fifteen years of teaching experience, she has taught various courses including English, Bible, drama, speech, and art. Myra consistently sets a high standard for students while helping each to create and reach the highest goals — goals both academic and spiritual.

Social Media Marketing

Alesha Conklin was born and raised in Polk County, Florida, and attended both school and college in Haines City. She graduated from Landmark Baptist College with a Bachelor’s degree in Missions. Alesha is mom to Isaac, their seventeen-year-old with special needs. She and her husband Doug stay quite busy with Isaac’s homeschooling and therapies, and are glad that homeschooling provides them with the flexibility to educate their son in a way that works best for him. Over the years, Alesha and her husband have worked in numerous churches and schools. Today, we are glad to have the Conklin team of Alesha and Doug as an important part of The Homeschool Connection!

Alesha Conklin

Janet D. Vickers

Teacher/Tutor: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, Test Prep

Mathematics expert in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Calculus, Janet D. Vickers has taught and tutored a variety of math for over thirty years. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from the University of Central Florida in 1972, Janet began as a math teacher at Oviedo High School, and would later hold teaching positions at Lake Howell High School, The First Academy in Orlando, and Haines City High School. Janet earned a master’s degree in Secondary Education (math) in 1978, and along with the aforementioned courses, she has used her talents to teach Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry. A Florida Certified Teacher, Janet Vickers is imparting her knowledge to each of her students for their future. How blessed we are to have such a great woman as part of our family.

Teacher/Tutor: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

Doug Conklin was born and raised in the Ohio/Indiana area, before relocating to Haines City, FL to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Bible, from Landmark Baptist College. He has worked at various ministries over the past 29 years, teaching, preaching and coaching.  One of his fondest accomplishments was leading his boys’ basketball team to back-to-back conference championships while teaching in Palm Bay, FL.  Mr. Conklin was also privileged to work at Landmark’s Freedom Baptist Curriculum for several seasons, where he served as Principal of their Homeschool Academy. Doug and his wife Alesha are parents to Isaac, a 17-year-old with various special needs, whom they are honored to homeschool.  Doug teaches and tutors Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry for The Homeschool Connection.


Monica Williams

Head Office Secretary

Homeschooled from 3rd through 12th grade, Monica Williams decided to further her education at Spurgeon Baptist Bible College in Mulberry, Florida.  There she majored in music and also worked as the school librarian.  After college she became the church secretary and has been the church pianist for seventeen years. She enjoys photography and does photo shoots in her spare time. Monica homeschools her three boys who are now attending classes at The Homeschool Connection. You will most likely be greeted by Monica at our front desk where she heads up our THC office.

Teacher/Tutor: Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry

Cassie Pavy graduated from Warner Southern College with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in May of 2007, taking a load of eighteen credit hours of Biology courses. Upon graduation, she quickly merged into the teaching scene teaching gifted students at Dundee Ridge Middle School. Aside from Dundee Ridge, she has taught at Lake Wales High School, Winter Haven Christian School, and McLaughlin Middle School. Holding four different teaching certifications, Cassie has taught various middle school and high school science courses including Earth Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Biology; and, currently teaches Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry at The Homeschool Connection.

Cassie Pavy

Marianne Herlocker

Teacher/Tutor: English

Originally from Colorado, Marianne attended college at Pensacola Christian College which was her first step in coming to Florida. While there, she majored in History Education and English Education, earning a B.S. in 2006. In 2007, she completed her M.S. in Education Administration. While at the college, Marianne worked for A Beka Academy during her undergrad years. While working on her master’s, she worked in the college library, then at Pensacola Christian Academy where she taught 7th and 8th grade history, which helped her become very familiar with all the grade levels and subjects. In 2009, Marianne was married and moved to Polk County. In 2014, she felt called back to teaching and did so for a year and a half before her second child was born. It was after his birth that she began to look for another teaching position, learning of The Homeschool Connection. Here at THC, Marianne teaches English and History and is a spectacular addition to our team!

Tutor: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Test Prep

Anthony Adharsingh is currently a Math for College Readiness teacher at Lake Region High School in Eagle Lake. He enjoys teaching both middle school and high school and has worked at both public and Christian schools for over twenty years. His specialty is preparing students for standardized testing, including PERT, SAT, ACT Algebra, and Geometry EOC. His professionalism, thoroughness, and overall kindness in each tutoring session has parents calling in requesting his time for their child, assured it will be time well-spent.

Anthony Adharsingh

Arlene Cohen

Tutor: English, Spanish

Mrs. Arleen Cohen is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She received her B.S. in Education from Kent State University and her M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury College. She taught high school Spanish for thirty years and for twenty-seven of those years was head of her school’s World Language Department. Arleen has been retired for a little over ten years now and she and her husband Harvey are happy snowbirds, spending winters here in Winter Haven and summers in the Cleveland suburbs.