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  • Love of God

  • Devotion to truth

  • Enthusiasm for learning

  • Partnership with families

The Homeschool Connection specializes in excellence in education by having teachers with years of experience who are experts in their field of study.

Our Story

The Homeschool Connection is a small team of experts dedicated to helping you develop your children to their highest potential. We believe that education is a priceless commodity, and we want to help you and your children with their education for only a fraction of the cost that others charge. We carefully choose our teachers, who are experts in their fields of study, to aide you in your homeschool endeavors. With our various backgrounds (from Oklahoma to Chicago, Illinois) and our mastery of subject matter (Our teachers have been teaching an average of ten years in a classroom.), we are confident that we can help you in connecting home with school.

After teaching for over ten years in traditional schools, we started as a “one-man show” with Rebekah Ricks teaching upper math to homeschoolers in small groups at their dining room table. A homeschooler herself, she realized that there was a need for upper-level instruction in areas some homeschool parents were not as familiar with. After many hours of discussion at Starbucks, (A cup o’ Joe is never far from our reach!), the idea for the Homeschool Connection was born with the goal of imparting our love of the subjects we teach to the students with whom we are entrusted. We have striven in every way to keep that same sense of camaraderie with our students and families by keeping class sizes small and our teachers accessible.

We believe that every parent has the right to choose the best route to educate their children. We are advocates of thinking outside the box in our teaching style and approach to education, mixing the structure of a classroom with the flexibility of homeschooling.

 The Homeschool Connection connects home and school through tutoring and homeschool classes.  We offer a variety of programs to assist families in the furthering of their education.