Is Grammar Really Important?

In this digital age, when our phones correct our spelling and our software catches our errors in syntax and punctuation, do we really need to know Grammar? How important is it for our students to recognize parts of speech and subject-verb agreement? Rebekah gives us her thoughts on the subject in the video below.

Teaching Organization to Students

Is your student disorganized? Do they struggle with multiple-step projects? Do they get stuck on problems, or daydream rather than working? You’ll want to listen in to the video below as Rebekah talks about helping your student get organized.

ADD and ADHD   Field Trip Fun

Do You Suspect a Learning Disability?

Is your child struggling? Are you wondering if they might have a learning disability? Rebekah addresses those concerns in the video below. She gives us several distinct examples of how children with disabilities struggle, and more importantly, gives us some tools to figure out what’s going on with our child. Below you will also find…