All About Spelling

Is your homeschooler struggling with spelling? Are they not able to memorize those lists each week? Is their reading or writing also suffering because of spelling?  You are not alone. Many student struggle with this. Rebekah gives you lots of ideas, suggestions and tricks to hone those spelling skills. And down below you’ll find a…

Is Penmanship Important?

Rebekah gives us her thoughts on penmanship and the ability of our students to write something for themselves. Is it a lost art? Is it important? You will want to listen to the video to glean her wisdom on the subject.

Transitioning from Homeschool to College

Rebekah helps us to prepare our homeschool student who is transitioning from the home environment to the college campus. Below the video you’ll find some additional pins to help with the transition. The video is in two parts, but they are both quite short.

How to Plan Your School Year

We’re so delighted to offer you a planner to help you get your year started off in the right way. Just click on one of the photos below and print out the planner of your choice – a floral theme or a coffee theme. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below….